I finally had some time to work on my website. I made the decision to switch from Wordpress to Jekyll. The main reason is that I wanted to learn something new. I started reading a lot of articles about Jekyll and I thought: “Why not give it a go?”.

I decided to start from scratch without migrating the previous articles. So, in advance, sorry for the people who commented or twitted the articles but for now, they are all dead.

As expected, building a blog with Jekyll is easy and fast. Even I was able to make it work.

I also took the opportunity to redesign the website a bit with a new layout and a simple logo (as you could have guessed, I’m not a designer).

For the record, I would like to remind you that this blog is hosted on Github, and therefore http://macxim.github.com/ redirects to http://maximelaforet.com. Isn’t it great?

Then, remember you can always open an issue if you notice something weird.

Now it just needs some content. Let’s see if I have interesting things to say…