I think that a lot of people would definitely agree with me on saying that 2016 has really been a tough year, full of all kinds of emotions.

This has been a crazy year of tremendous changes at all levels. Let’s recap.


My time at Spade has come to an end. I am grateful for all I had the opportunity to learn there but it was time to move on. I have new challenges ahead and I will need a great deal of time, patience and hard work to overcome them.


It may sound risky and impulsive but again, it was time to leave rainy Brussels. So long, fritkots and ¡hola Tenerife! Anyone who knows me should know that it was a very reasoned and fair decision.


Well, last but not least, I hereby formally announce the greatest news of this year, the event that turned my life upside down since it happened 🙃: I am a father.

Big changes are always scary and stressful but also exciting, necessary and worthwhile. I’m sure that what will come out of it will most certainly be good.

See you in another life!